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Manipulist Wikiextractor

Speed up your Wikipedia® research!

Manipulist Wikiextractor is a powerful tool for Wikipedia® users.

Manipulist Wikiextractor allows you to extract plaint text from any (English-only for the moment) Wikipedia® article.

How does it work?

Insert the title you are looking for (be aware that Wikipedia® urls can be case-sensitive!).

If the page is found, you can:

copy the sentences you want from the text;

explore new articles found in the text or simply search for new article;

get paragraphs of interest through the text filter;

extract a selection or an entire article to the Extracted Text area;

copy to clipboard/share/download the Extracted Text in a text file.

Are you performing any sort of research from multiple Wikipedia® articles?

Manipulist Wikiextractor is the tool you need!

Do you need to get plain text from Wikipedia® articles for further analysis?

Manipulist Wikiextractor is the tool you need!

Make your Wikipedia® research effective with Manipulist Wikiextractor!

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